Rich Sheridan, CEO of Menlo Innovations (Bio)-

“Lead with Joy – Watch Your Team Fly”

You won’t get to joy by leading the way you always led. You, the leader, will need to make change, serious change. In this talk, Rich will explore his own journey to joy, how he had to learn to lead in a completely different way, by doing so, witnessed results that exceeded his wildest expectations. All of these lessons are available to everyone no matter how big their company or how old their organization.

Michael Jacobs, President and CEO of ABRAMS (Bio)-

“Why Books Need To Be Books: The Ongoing Challenges (and Opportunities) for Analog Objects in the Digital Era”

  • How publishers are interacting with manufacturers and how he sees that evolving?
  • What kinds of things can manufacturers do to help publishers and grow their business.
  • What does the future hold for publishers and manufacturers?

Dr. Roger Green, Florida Gulf Coast University (Bio)-

Political Polarization in the U.S.: Its Major Dimensions and Implications for the Future “

  • How, if at all, is contemporary political polarization in the U.S. related to Constitutional-era understandings of “factionalism?”
  • What are the principal demographic, geographic, political, and cultural dimensions of contemporary political polarization?
  • How have journalistic changes—particularly those involving digital media and social networking services—influenced political polarization?
  • What are the significant implications of heightened political polarization for U.S. politics, both short term and long term?

Lisbeth Lyons, VP Government and External Affairs (Bio)-

“Print Powers America: Policy & Political Update”

An update on key legislative initiatives on Capitol Hill, the current political dynamics in Washington, D.C., and what leaders within the book manufacturing community can do now to advocate on behalf of their companies and the industry before the 116th Congress.

David Heidel, President, Minnesota, Wealth Management, Northern Trust (Bio)-

“Looking Forward to the 2020’s – A Decade of Global Challenges”

Learn what’s going on with the current economy and where it looks to be headed in this time of uncertainty.